Expressing your self and sensuality


Lets talk about sexuality, or more so sensuality. The way we feel. The way clothes, and movies, and books, and reading about damn hot adventures on WP feels. Its that little tingly sensation you get in your nether regions. Sometimes its a dream. Sometimes that feeling lasts all day, until you get some time to yourself for sweet release, in whatever form that takes for you.

As a man, I think we don’t celebrate sensuality enough. It seems to me that the ladies have kind of taken sensuality as their own and the mere suggestion that a man could appreciate sensuality makes him less masculine. I’m calling bullshit on that one. I’m taking sensuality as my own, and you should for yourself too. Maybe its a special pair of underwear, maybe its the feel of a pair of stockings, maybe its the light touch of your lovers hands on the part of you that you like the most. Maybe its a massage where you are completely exposed and the massager is providing gentle warm slippery strokes, and you feel the blood rushing to the parts that make you feel good.

Maybe its a swim naked in the ocean, lying in the sun, or wearing some skimpy swimwear, or rocking those jeans that you know you look good in. Whatever it is, take a moment and enjoy the sensation, the wonderful sensation of what is sensual to you.



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