Keeping a workout routine

Hi, if you are regularly into working out, or trying to find the motivation to work out regularly, there are no big tricks or secrets. It’s just get off your arse and start working out. So I read there are lots of opinions expressed about getting started in the gym, knowing what to do, feeling intimidated etc.

So I’ve been working out regularly for more than 8 years. Previous to that I worked out for at least a few years but I got away from the gym and had a bit of a break. The change for me was moving to Canada and having easy access to a community gym. Since then I’ve been working out regularly. By regularly I mean without big breaks, like lazy summers or whatever, just consistent gym workouts. When I go on business travel or even vacation I use that as an opportunity to check out new gyms to train in.

So if you are a bit intimidated, this is normal. I have found, the VAST majority of gyms (and I’ve been in lots and lots of them) are decent respectful places. I will add though, that I hate working out at 5 pm because the redneck truck driving 20 somethings tend to take over, often in groups of two or more. That’s ok, the gym is a place for everyone in my opinion, so I rather train in the mornings or later in the evening.

So what to do – I used to work out every day, same workout, and guess what, I made no gains. I didn’t even want to listen to the guys around me who knew more about it than I did. Then in about 2010 I decided to finally do my homework. I found Stronglifts 5 x 5 (its on the net) and this was the biggest shift in my thinking and actions that led to a very significant mass gain in about 6 months. I’ll save that story for later.

Ok, so anyone who reads my posts are probably going to work out that I’m comfortable in my skin, and a bit of an exhibitionist. I don’t mind showing off my assets earned from hard work in the gym. I pretty much wear short tights or long tights, and compression tanks or shirts. I figure I’m not going to have this beautiful frame forever so I’m making the most of it. If anyone is wondering, people tend to not worry too much about what I am wearing. I used to be kind of self conscious about it but I’ve worn the tight shorts for pretty much every workout in the past 10 years. I find it liberating and a bit of a middle finger to conventional attire. Sure people look, but at 205 lbs and covered in tattoos I have a confidence that allows me the ability to do what the fuck I want! Bicep flexer


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