Pattern – Daily Prompt

via Daily Prompt: Pattern

Hi, I’m new to WordPress, but so far I like it. I plan to make a pattern of blogging habits. My blog is called The Random Blog of Irreverent Thoughts. The pattern or theme of this blog will be somewhat random, but some themes may emerge. Here are a few patterns you might see if you stick with me (please follow!):

  1. Randomness in thoughts and expressions.
  2. Fitness type blogs, but more of an active diary of what I do, not trying to tell you how to lose weight or what to eat!
  3. Gratuitous eye candy pictures. Tasteful, I hope.
  4. Book reviews with gratuitous eye candy pictures (In which I am reading a book!).
  5. Occasional social commentary or discussion. But don’t worry, I’m not that into politics or issues so I don’t plan to overwhelm you will bullshit.
  6. Stuff about music.
  7. I might even share some erotica, but that would be a new venture and I will maybe start off slowly….



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