Lets talk about being accepted, wholly, completely. What if your ideas are different? What if your values are different? There’s a more or less constant sort of tug of war with me regarding ‘being myself’ and ‘being respectful’ or ‘normal’ enough to function in the real world.
So we all think different. We are all individuals. How much should we accommodate the needs – or perceived needs of others in order to get along/find acceptance or live in harmony with others?
So the world is one of contradictions. Its an apparent illusion of inclusion and acceptance and equality, where everyone says one thing and probably thinks something else.
There is a kind of beauty in uniqueness, diversity, those who think outside the box. Without them we wouldn’t have art and different lifestyles.
I’ve often struggled a bit with this balance. If I were truly myself in all circumstances I would probably ruffle a lot of feathers, upset and frustrate the people in my life and probably limit my chances of success in many avenues. but that would be stupid, and being different or whatever you have to learn from experience.
How about this, if you don’t agree with my point of view you can go and fk yourself? Probably a bit strong, and wont win too many people over. Lets try, I’ll be me, you be you, and we’ll show eachother respect while we wear a sort of mask made out of bullshit to fit in with the rest of the world. That’s what I do anyway.
Book review March 2017 3 (2)


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