We’re Making a Record

So we are making a record, right at home in our basement. We’ve been a band for more than a couple of years, and after playing a bunch of gigs, jams and jam hostings, we are evolving into the next stage of the band’s development. Some bands have a much shorter trajectory into the recording studio type of thing – maybe there’s someone in the band who has done it before, or maybe some bands just set out to be an original artist.

Not our band, we’ve been busy honing our skills focussing on a more pub/beer garden covers kind of a scene, which is good but the reality is that the city we live in is quite artistic and there are a lot of very good bands getting around.

So as we have grown as a band we have been into song writing and developing our own songs. This can take time as from a concept to where a song has a life of its own – where it is performed and everyone in the band knows what happens next through rehearsal – takes time. Not that we have been in any sort of a hurry.

There’s also a kind of confidence and familiarity with your songs as they become embedded in your set. Might sound strange but they tend to develop a life of their own. They have an identity, you no longer have to mould them into shape, they exist for you to experience in a mostly consistent way when you have been playing them for a while.

The good thing about the technology we have at our fingertips is that with some software (we use Acid Music Studio), a MIDI device and instruments, and some time and talent you can start your own recording process. What are you waiting for?



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