About 3 years ago I was fortunate enough to be put into a development program at my work. Leadership etc. It was very good. The hidden gem was the coach that we were teamed with. We had a choice of a few and I chose a lady who in her bio talked about out there cosmic stuff (at least in my mind) and this was a bit different than the other more clinical sounding bio’s, so I went with her. In the coaching sessions it came out that she had been meditating twice daily for many years. She refereed me to a book called Full Catastrophe Living (Dr John Cabot-Zin).
Anyway it was life changing. I try to meditate most days and in reality that normally translates to after my workout on weekends and some mornings so that’s at least a few times a week.
If I can offer you anything, its the suggestion that you look into this for yourself. It helps me stay grounded and find my calm and inner happiness.
I also got into yoga and although I have ‘yoga runs’ where I go regularly then have a break, I know its always there, and in my recent times of getting into yoga, I find it highly worthwhile in terms of feeding the body mind a soul. I know that sounds like some sort of Instagram snap, but if you give yourself over to yoga you can really find a nice place to be.


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