Book Review – The Five Thieves of Happiness

Hi everyone, here’s my first book review, hope you enjoy it. The perfect companion for lazing in the sun on a freezing winter day, or perhaps lounging in the tropical sun is “The Five Thieves of Happiness”. This is a good read for anyone who ever wondered what it takes to be happy. The book is fairly thin so its something you could get through in a few sittings (or sun loungings) if you are a regular reader.
The author breaks down the five thieves: Control, Conceit, Consumption,¬†Coveting, and Comfort. There is also an on line tool that you can use to do a quick quiz to see what your top thief of happiness is. Mine is comfort, as in get out of my comfort zone to experience new things, which is what this blog is about really. Anyway the book also gives us ideas on how to deal with these pesky thieves. Read on. I’ll be posting some more book reviews from my spot on the lawn, or the beach, or wherever.
I’ll take requests too. I have a library card and everything.
Book review March 2017


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